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Dirge Of Cerberus: Final Fantasy 7

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By katrine on
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I was really dissapointed in this final fantasy 7 side game. I didn't know it was going to be a shooter and the storyline wasnt really all that great. Though it did have good graphics, the only thing that kept me playing it was because I wanted to unlock the secret ending with Gackt in it. Infact I like the soundtrack better than the game, but thats just me. Square enix has definately done better story wise, and I'm usually horrible at shooter game but had no problem getting the hang of this one, which is good in a way, but if it was easy for me then people who enjoy shooters were probally dissapointed with the game play.

VII. Breakout star Vincent Valentine returns in this adrenaline-fueled rampage that propels players into the middle of an ongoing conflict that threatens all life on the planet. Three years after the events of Final Fantasy VII, an unknown group of seemingly unstoppable soldiers appears, bringing a swift and bitter end to the peace enjoyed by the people of the world. The members of this enigmatic group are the ones who were trapped under the ruins of Midgar for three long years-the Deepground soldiers. Vincent Valentine finds himself pursued by several elite members of the mysterious Deepground organization. An unrelenting chain of events leads Vincent to the truth behind his past-and forces him once again to be the key player in a battle for the planet itself and all those living on it. I got it as a gift and would have been really dissapointed if I had spent money on it, but luckily I didn't (thanks to my brother.) If your a big final fantasy 7 fanatic then you might enjoy this, I was never a real big fan of finaly fantasy 7 so yeah didnt do much for me.