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Dirge Of Cerberus: Vincent's Story

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By sarahdragon26 on
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Anyone who has played Final Fantasy VII, knows that some of the characters in the game don't actually appear at the end. Vincent and Yuffie are those characters because they both were extra characters that could be acquired throughout the game, but were not essential characters. As the craze of Final Fantasy VII took off in Japan and here, in America, people started to want to know more about Final Fantasy VII's vampire-like Vincent Valentine.

Dirge of Cerberus goes through what Vincent has been doing since the end of Final Fantasy VII the game and the movie Advent Children. You play as Vincent, traveling from Edge to Midgar, trying to dsicover what happened to Vincent to make him what he was today. You discover how he carries the Chaos gene as well as what happened to his body at Hojo's hands. All of your favorite characters are here as well, but you can only play as Vincent, which kind of disappointing.

There were a lot of questions about what happened to Yuffie and Vincent at the end of Final Fantasy VII, sicne you don't see them at the end of the game. The beginning movie of Dirge of Cerberus shows Yuffie and Vincent playing to clear people from Midgar, as Meteor falls. Vincent runs up the Mako Cannon and find Hojo laying over a computer console. He goes to shot him, but lightning strikes and Hojo's body is gone. In that, Vincent's story begins.

Ok. Let's break this down. This game is eventful and gives a lot of insight into Vincent's life. I have to admit that I had been very interested in his history and am pleased that it has been explained in depth. Yet, this game could have been made into a movie like Advent Children and still be amazing. Sometimes, it felt like I was watching a movie instead of playing a game. The graphics are great especially when the digtal movies are played out.

The game itself was a little short for a Final Fantasy game, but most first person shooter games like this one aren't normally long anyway. The actors who spoke the characters in Advent Children returned to reprise their roles which normally helps.