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Dirt 2 Is Amazing!

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If you want to check out a video of me playing dirt 2 *with keyboard* Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyyqqK7oPE4 (my account name is cncmasterW Via youtube. Now for the Review.

I have had this game for about 1 and a half weeks now and Wow, This game just keeps me on my toes! If you dont make that right turn at the right moment your car will flip roll and Crash. I do not have a Racing wheel and Is hoping for one as a gift from Christmas. I use the keyboard for all my racing games and it may seem boring to use "arrow keys" but once you know the tricks about the keys you can become unstoppable to a point.

Dirt 2 quality is amazing. If you are a die hard pc gamer and have ever heared of a game called "Crysis" you then know that particular game is one of the Best looking games ever made. While driving down the dirt road going 50+ mph you think now and then wow look how great the game looks its almost Crysis! I have windows 7 and run a Direct X 10.1 card so i do not have the ability to see dx11.

The day I started playing was great. My first impression was its smooth, looks great, good selection of cars, not to hard to beat level after level, but with the keyboard as stated above has limits and well the Hardness level (Serious) is more then hard enough for me. In the video I made about Dirt 2 you see me fool around then get serious, after then i show you the feature i was rating. The time rewind is a feature that if you crash (hard crash) that allows the player to reverse time to a certain amount of time the game gives depends on difficulty. In the the video in my case i was able to rewind to about 8 seconds back but i only went back about 4 seconds. I ended up crashing again and stopped the video.

Overall This is a amazing game totally would buy for my friends. I bought the pc version. Friends would prefer the xbox 360 version or the ps3. If you have been thinking about buying this game DO it trust me you will fall in love with this game!

Review by CncmasterW