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Di Rt 3 : Extreme Rally Racing In Extreme Weather

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Awesome locations and Graphics : DiRT 3 Rally Racing

Have you ever hurtled down the back roads of Finland at more than 120 mph in a BMW Z4? I guess not. Neither have I but that’s not what we are discussing here. To drive on roads so narrow, I would be terrified to cross triple digits. Every time I would be wondering and praying that I don’t fall of the cliff. Dirt 3 gives you a chance to experience such a thrill in a very safe environment and I think it’s divine. For all those rally fanatic racers, this is actually a reminder what a fun ride this series is.

In Dirt 3 there are many different terrains to drive on and like the previous edition the driving in Dirt 3 also feels very tight and responsive, and it’s good to see that the six tuning options are there to balance out the terrain. You will have a superb time driving through Michigan, LA, Norway, Kenya, Finland and Monaco. Just like the previous editions, this one too is very nicely designed to make sure that the cats respond effectively to the slightest control touches and what still stands out is the need for tight braking. These cars and the terrain will really test your driving skills a lot. You might not get the hang of it right away if you are playing it for the first time but soon, after a couple of hours of game play, I presume that you too will be cutting the curves and hitting the brakes just like a Pro.

Till now I have racked up more than 450 hours of game play and I have to admit that even after so many hours of playing I still need to concentrate on every single turn. It has become intuitive but still every slide from gravel onto the tarmac or snow is very significant and the variations do require extreme concentration. You will notice that when another racer kicks a spray of snow onto your windshield, it would become very chaotic. Your wipers would go on overdrive. The effects of rain, snow and the nighttime driving is extremely realistic. At these track you will notice that your tires are being tested to the limit. If your cars tuning is out of place then you will be in a lot of trouble.

Almost all the racing fans have played Need for Speed and you will agree that even though Need for speed is a great series but it has never offered off-road racing and rally racing. Dirt 3 provides us with that choice. In Dirt 3 every single discipline has been expanded so that you are not confined to just a single type of racing. There are four main tours which are split up into four seasons. The six tours all start to emerge which push the total race count to a very high number.

Now it’s time to seek out some problems with this game. Yes this game too has a few problems. The car collection in this series is very different and odd. You will notice that you get cars sent to your garage whenever you are leveling up. You will feel that you have accomplished nothing because your garage is filled with cars that you didn’t really want in the first place. Your favorite car might just end up being covered with cobwebs. You may ask why this may happen. The reason is that with new cars you earn more driving bonuses so if you chose anything less than you would be earning fewer points.

Dirt 3 is by far the best looking Dirt game till now. You will get to drive some of the old classic cars like the Fiat 131 Abarth. The game takes you into this world where you might forget that you are sitting in front of a computer and playing a game, you might feel that you really are sitting behind the steering wheel watching the sunsets and sliding through those numerous puddles in the rain. Other details like people scrambling to move out of your way and fireworks in the background add a very nice touch to the already well built game.

Dirt 3 is an impeccable product with a few scratches. It’s a really fantastic racing game and you should experience it. The fun factor, the variety of tracks, cars and the solid gameplay makes this a terrific game.