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Dirt Face

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Background: I have some sunspots on my face and have been battling against acne for over 10 yrs. I've seen articles stating that a facial mask made of honey and nutmeg powder is a great way to fade away those marks. Both products are supposed to have antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The honey is also supposed to help the nutmeg stick to your face. You can find these in any grocery store. Raw honey is said to be more effective. Unfortunately, I've yet to be able to find raw honey in Vancouver, BC Canada. This is recommended for people with oily skin with acne, sunspots, or scars. This is not recommended for anyone with sensitive skin. The mask typically burns after 10 minutes or less for those with sensitive skin.

My Experience: The first time I tried this, I mixed it in my hand. This ended up being VERY clumpy, as seen in the photo below. I felt like my face fell in dirt or poo. I also didn't measure my quantities, I just eyeballed it to try to get the right consistency. I've seen articles recommending 1 tsp of honey and 1 tsp of nutmeg powder. It was very difficult to apply the product on my face evenly because of the improper mixture (that's why I looked like the way I did in the below photo). The second time I tried this, I mixed it in a little bowl. I used a chopstick to mix. This time it applied much easier. Sorry, I didn't happen to take a photo that time but may upload one the next time I do it. I left it on for about 40 minutes, because my face can typically take quite a beating and I'm so hateful towards my acne and sunspots. Articles would recommend 20 minutes. I would also recommend you find a way to keep ALL of your hair back - and I mean ALL. I had a baby hair dip onto my face, so it had some product on the tip of that 1 hair. Baby hairs tend to fly around, especially when you're playing with your face. At some point, this 1 baby hair flew into my eye - and it stuck there for a few secs because the mask held it there like a paste. NOT PLEASANT - it BURNS. I had to flush it out with cold water without washing away my mask.

Also, remember to do this with a towel covering your clothes, as it does sometimes drip.

The first time I washed it off, I simply rinsed. The second time I washed it off, I followed a recommendation I saw online and rubbed in a circular motion so that it can exfoliate. I would NOT recommend you do this because my face ended up ORANGE after, as if I had applied one of those cheap sunless tanning lotions. I applied toner on twice after and my cotton pad was a bright orange both times.

I've been doing this about twice a week. My routine is typically mask one day, nothing special the next day, exfoliate with a scrub the next day, nothing special the next day, mask the next day, etc. Articles typically recommend this be done 1-2x a week. It all depends on the sensitivity of your face and how much it can typically handle.

The Verdict: My face would always feel SUPER soft and supple after. It was a little sticky feeling, probably resulting from the honey, but it wouldn't become oily unless I'd keep touching my face after (which is difficult because you want to judge the results of the mask). My sunspots SEEM to be fading but not enough to be sure if I'm just imagining it or not. I haven't had any big pimples in a while, but I would sometimes get those tiny itty bitty hard ones that you can't even see but can feel with your hand.

I have tried this a total of 4 times and will continue to do so. No matter what, I would be using a facial mask, so I just like that this option is natural, cheap, and easily accessible. There are no concerns over ingredients being tested on animals or any man-made harsh chemicals - both very important in my decision-making when shopping for beauty products. I haven't experienced anything extraordinary with it yet, but I haven't found any masks that gave me an extraordinary experience. I'd recommend anyone with oily or combination skin to give it a try.