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Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Dvd

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By 3cardmonte on
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Michael Caine and Steve Martin are a genuis pairing in this comedy about 2 very different types of conmen. Caine stars as Lawrence Jaimeson, a sophisticated, successful con artist who cons only the richest of gullible marks (victims). At the other end of the scale there is Freddy Benson (Martin) A shallow obnoxious hustler who has to con to get by day to day.

Thanks to an ill timed remark from "lady Fanny of Omahagh" Benson forces his way into Jaimesons life, insisting that he teach him how to be a little more lucrative in conning his victims, if he doesn't, he will blow his cover.

The pair fight to be the only con artist in the beautiful Beaumont sur mer by placing a wager on an innocent young woman, to see who can be the first to extract a large sum of cash from the gullible girl.

Caine is brilliant as the slick, ruthless debonaire Jaimeson, whils Martin pulls of Freddy's obnoxious egotistical character flawlessly.

The film is hillarious in an intelligent way, with the odd bit of physical comedy thrown in, but it does well not to resort to slapstick. If you are easily offended then this isn't the film for you (Martins' character pretends to be in a wheelchair)

There are no extras on the dvd, which is a bit of a let down, but I supppose it was made a while ago.

But if you like classy, well timed intelligent comedy then I would defininitely recommend this movie.