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Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories

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By seraph on
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Disgaea 2: Curse of memories is great for new players and fans of the series alike. Quirky semi-adult humor pervades through this amusing masterpiece.

You play as Adell, the atypical hero who fights to protect his family against the horrible curse of Overlord Zenon. The Overlord, for some unknown reason, laid a terrible curse upon the world that is slowly turning everyone into mosters. Adell escapes this for some unknown reason (an inside joke through the series is "Is it because you're the game's main character?"). His only goal is to free his family from the horrible fate that is slowly overtaking them. In a summoning gone wrong, Adell is teamed up with Zenon's only child...Rozalin.

The voice acting in this is MARVELOUS. Each character was obviously carefully matched up with the various people in order to best convey them.

All in all, an absolutely wonderful game. It lives up to its predecessor, Disgaea, and makes it proud.