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Dish Tv And Dvr

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Rae Hall By Rae Hall on
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Dish Tv and DVR After getting fed up with my current cable company I decide to switch to Dish TV. I my old cable service had been grainy and went out from time to time especially when it was stormy. Dish TV picture has a very good picture and their selection of channels is good. The downside: We have three TVs hooked up to this dish TV and every so often one of them will lose signal. The other two televisions are fine. Thankfully this doesn't happen too often. Their DVR service is not very good in my opinion. If you set it to record on one television it might record on the other which is an inconvenience. Sometimes it finishes recording too soon. If you try to get it to record something else on one television while something is recording on the first TV its might not record either show. Their packages can be very pricey in my opinion. They also try to get you to sign a contract by telling you it will save you money. It does save you money but it locks you in for a year. Over all I will stick with it for a little while until I get a better deal elsewhere then I will change.

Update On May 01, 2010: Had this service for a few years now. It's a good service, I wish the price would come down. I am thinking about changing just for a reduction in price.