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Dish Dvr Dvr Review

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Rae Hall By Rae Hall on
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DishDVR from Dish TV is a very handy piece of technology to have. You can record 100 hours on it. This allows the user to be able to watch shows later when they have time.

Its also handy if you dislike sitting through commercials because it allows you, upon playback, to fast forward through the commercials or skip them one commercial at a time.

Another handy thing about this recorder is that you can record off of two televisions at one time so you generally never have to miss your favorite shows or movies.

A third feature is that when you need to leave for a moment while watching live TV you can pause the show and when you come back you can just start watching again.

Now for the bad things: If you have two shows timed to record one after another the timer can cut the first show off by about 30 seconds to 45 seconds which sometimes is annoying.

Also It sometimes can be difficult to control which tv a show is set to record from. This is extremely annoying.

However overall I have enjoyed using this instead of going out and buying costly vcr tapes to record on.

DishTV leases this to customers for a low price or they can be bought.