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Dishwand Sponge

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I have been using the Scotch-Brite Dishwand for a few years now. The wand is pretty simple to use. It has a clear plastic handle with a screw cap on the far end. You fill the plastic tube with your favorite dishwashing liquid soap and then replace the cap. When it's time to wash your dishes that you don't put into your dishwasher, just wet the sponge end of the wand and press the rubbery blue "button" to release the soap. Most of the time, once I wet my dishwand, all I normally do is press the sponge against the side of the sink or a plate and the soap is ready to go. But you can also press the button on the tube.

The yellow part of the sponge holds liquid soap pretty well and the green scrubber sponge that is on top of the yellow sponge helps to clean off foods. There is also a scrubber part which is on the back side of the sponge. It's part of the white plactic that holds the sponge and I usually use this part for scraping cheese and other hard to sponge off foods. My husband on the other hand, used the sponge part and then it's almost impossible to get the embedded cheese out of the green part of the sponge. Yes, I have given him instructions now on using the back side to get hard to remove foods, before ruining my dishwand.

I also like that the wand fits into my glasses and cups that I can't place into my dishwasher. It was especially great with all of my holiday dishes and tons of pots that I had to keep cleaning from the continual cooking I did.

Overall, I really like this type of sponge. It's great for keeping your hands out of the dish water, especially if you get your nails done or are like me, and easily getted chapped skin by hand washing too many dishes.

The sponge on this dishwand holds up better than the Cello brand I just had tried. That other wand's pink sponge part started to fall apart within the second week of using it.

So give this dishwand a try and see if it helps you get those hand washed dishes or pots and pans clean quickly. One other note - you can also buy replacement sponge heads by sliding off the old sponge and sliding a new one on. So far, I have just purchased a new sponge because I actually never read the instructions before and just saw this feature. Oh well.

Update On Mar 12, 2010: About two weeks ago we needed to replace the sponge part on this dishwand. But that's expected. What wasn't expected was the rubber "stopper" on the plastic handle started to leak if the wand was placed on its side. I will be looking for a different brand or style of wand next time.