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My wife and I got married August 25, 2001. We are big disney fans and she had me choose our honeymoon. I chose four days at Walt Disney World Parks and 3 days on the Disney Cruise. It was a packaged deal. We left our wedding night to catch a red eye flight to Orlando. That was the negative because we were both exhausted. I dont recommend anyone does that.

Disney World was awesome, but I'm here to talk about the cruise... They picked us up from our hotel at the front where you'd check in. You give them your luggage and you board this giant bus that is playing a disney movie. It's very comfortable and air conditioned. I believe the ride was about 45 minutes. You watch an information movie about the cruise itself and what you're supposed to do. You odn't touch your luggage, it arrives in your room later which is awesome. We already had our room key because ours was a packaged deal it's the same key to our hotel room. We arrive on the disney cruise and were directed to where our room was and it was gorgeous and quite large. This was both of our first time on a cruise ship. We had a king size bed, a closet, a couch, a tv, a refrigerator and a bathroom big enough for three people to stand in at once. We didn't have a window or anything because we didn't want to pay for something we didn't think we'd use. We immediately had to attend a class about safety which was annoying, but we were told it is on every cruise.

There was always food available. You can get room service and it's free. They add on gratuity so you don't even have to worry about that. You can buy a cup when you get on the cruise and then have all the free soda you want. If you want alcohol or bottled water you have to purchase that which was annoying. You would think that water would be free, but it wasn't. At night at the dinner service it was great and always a good selection of food. We had the same servers no matter what restaurant we were eating in so they really god to know you and what you liked and didn't like.

there were nightly shows which were fun. They were more family and kid, but still great. That is the only time we ran inyo an issue with children the whole time we were on the ship. We were seated waiting for the show to start and the kids behind us kept kicking the seat, so we movied. No real problem.

There are three pools on board that can be used by the guests. A family pool, a kids only pool and an adult pool. In fact there is an entire section of the boat where you have to be 18 or older to be on that side and it's great. The food, the mini restaurants on board, the ESPN zone the view the stops. Everything was fabulous. Very relaxing and they helped us with any problems or concerns we had. The staff were super nice and friendly.