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Disney Dvd Bingo Game

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We are a family of Disney lovers so when I saw this game at Toys R Us I knew we had to have it. It is Disney DVD Bingo. It takes the traditional game of Bingo and adds that Disney magic!

It is wonderful for all ages since it works on not only numbers but pictures. So even the younger children who may not know their numbers can play because they surely know Snow White or Simba or Daisy Duck. The game comes with cards that feature a different Disney character in each square. They are double sided to offer a lot of different choices. They have small tokens to cover the squares and these have Mickey heads on them. Both the boards and tokens are made of a durable thick cardboard, nothing flimsy here.

The DVD is very self explanatory. You pop it in and it walks you through set up. You can play a traditional single Bingo game, a pattern or a coverall or blackout. Then as play starts it puts on the screen the number/color/character. For instance it might be #2 Red Beast or #70 Purple Simba. They show the character and it says a little rhyme about them. You can wait a few seconds for it to go to the next one or you can click your remote to move things along. Every now and then you get a Wild which means they show you a clip from a Disney movie and then let you choose any space in a certain color to cover. We love when the Wilds come up as it is fun to see which movie clip we get.

Once someone yells BINGO you can click a button to review. This allows you to check their card. If they do in fact have BINGO you click again and up come fireworks and congratulations.

What I like about this game is that it appeals to a wide range of ages. My children are 5, 8 and 10 and all enjoy playing. I also like that it is all Disney! Any game full of Disney characters has got to be good!

If you are a Disney fan this is one game you need to get!