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Disney Fairies Book Prilla's Prize Even I Enjoyed It!

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I picked up this book and was captured by the beautiful cover with one of Disney's fairies, Prilla, along with Tinkerbell, on the cover. I've heard all about Pixie Hollow and all the fairies from my niece, so I was hoping she didn't have this book in her collection yet.

I like the size of this book because it's only 8-1/2 x 8-1/2". The reading level is for ages 4 through 8, but even I enjoyed reading it! The book jacket is beautiful with glitter around the edges of the fairies' wings. The nice surprise is that the actual cover of this book also has the same picture depicted on it. It's only 24 pages in length but each page is made of very heavy-duty stock paper with two sides always attached together so it makes for an even thicker page. I find the illustrations by the Disney Storybook Artists to be fun and beautiful, and the colors are magical!

The storyline of Prilla's Prize is all about the Great Games Day in Pixie Hollow and this would be Prilla's first time to take part. All the fairies living in Pixie Hollow have a very special talent and on this day the fairies with the same talent would each compete against each other, within their talent group, for a blue spider-silk ribbon. With talents like the pots and pan fairies, garden fairies and water fairies, Prilla had no idea which contest to enter. You see she was the only mainland visiting clapping talent fairy, and none of the other fairies had a talent like hers.

Prilla was told she could enter any contest she liked, and it is here that she starts her quest to win a prize. She tries the Potato Heft Contest, Carrot Toss Contest, the Obstacle Race, Leapfrog Race, and the Boat Race but is not successful at winning a prize in any of them. She meets up with Tinker Bell and tries for the Ladle Croquet, again with no luck.

Prilla is ready to give up and starts to cry. Tink and the other fairies try to console her and start whispering among themselves. Finally Tink takes off her ribbon and pins it on Prilla's dress, telling her it's in honor of the most games ever tried on Great Games Day. So in the end Prilla was a winner after all!! The story teaches us that it doesn't matter that you win a particular contest, but that you tried your best at everything.

If you know someone or have a daughter that loves to read or be read to, Prilla's Prize is just one of the Disney Fairies books available.