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Disney Power Brushing Is Fun!

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We have a routine in our house, I give both girls a really good brushing, then they both are allowed to have their tooth brushes to brush their own teeth, and the brushes they had were the ones with the light on them, the light stayed on for 1 minute, once the light shut off they were done brushing. Both my girls needed new tooth brushes, especially my 3 yr old she chews the bristles of her brush for some strange reason.

About a month ago I received the BJ's Coupon book in the mail, and there is was, the Disney stages power tooth brush set By Oral B coupon for $3.00 off. Not sure how long these have been on the market, but they were new to me.

In the store they had a set for boys(Power rangers) and a set for girls( princess and mermaid) and one I would call unisex( tigger and pooh). My girls or course decided on the mermaid/princess set. This set included 2 power oral B tooth brushes, and one 4.2 oz bubble gum magic tube of paste. The tube of tooth paste is pretty cool, when you lift the flip top there is a shape of a moon, so when you apply the tooth paste the brush you get a different design then you normally would with a regular tube that has the full circle. And the other benefit to this is a smaller amount comes out which is great for the younger children. The brushes take each 1 AA battery that does come with it. The bristles are the proper firmness for young childrens teeth and gums, and the brush head is just the right size to fit in littles ones mouths. As well the rotating power heads can be replaced, so this is a brush that can be used for a long time too come. These are recommended for ages 3 and up, I use it on my 2 year old with no problems.

My girls just love there new tooth brushes, they use to enjoy having there teeth brushed but now they really enjoy it all the more.

I have never had a problem getting my girls to brush there teeth, but I figure I could still get them something that could make it all the more enjoyable for them, and Oral B's Disney power stages was just the thing.

Update On Jul 02, 2008: I just wanted to add something that I had forgotten to mention. There is one thing these tooth brushes are missing and that is a cover for the brush when not in use.