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Disney World Vacation

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I was told the best time to Vacation at Disney World was just after Thanksgiving, So I called our travel agent and made our reservations for Nov. 29, 2007 to Dec. 05, 2007. We included our 6 night stay at the Movies Theme Hotel at Disney World. It was the less expensive of the hotels. Afterall, we were only going to spend time in the room to lay our heads to sleep and shower. I didn't want to be spending my time in a hotel room, so we got the less expensive of the hotels. We included a 6dy park hopper for both of us and a Meal Voucher.

Upon arrival with to Florida, via American Airlines, we took the Disney World free shuttle to the hotel, which was easy, fast and convenient. Although, it was free to ride, we did give the bus driver a couple dollars tip. We proceeded to check in at the hotel counter. They gave us a Disney World pin to wear and told us to wear it our first day, as we would get discounts on some stuff with the pin. It was a first time at Disney World pin. We had a smooth check in. They gave us a blue card, the size of a credit card. They explained to us that this card would get us the following:

1. Our rooms - 2. Into the Parks - 3. Meals

We thought this was totally cool. One Card for all uses. Very Convenient indeed.

There was always a shuttle going to the entrance to DW. Each shuttle had a sign on front as to which park they were stopping at.

The wait time to get into the parks was around 15min. The lines to rides was minimal. Through out our whole stay, we never had to wait in a ride line more than 15min. We barely even used the fast pass.

Disney's Magic Kingdom:

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – This is a fun roller coaster. It’s not especially scary so the more adventurous.

Space Mountain – A dark and fast coaster. A little bit scarier than Big Thunder so it may not be right for the young ones. Classic Disney World.

Haunted Mansion - It was nice, but I think that the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland is much better.

Pirates of Caribbean - Again, this was nice, but not as nice of a ride as the one at Disneyland.

Disney's Animal Kingdom:

Killimanjaro Safari – The other must see. Ride in a jeap like a real safari. You get to see real animals, Lion, Tigers & Bears...Oh My!

Tower of Terror – Very scary, but very fun. We went at night, 4 times in a row and didn't wait more than 5 min.

Rock n’ Roll roller coaster – Same thing. Fast, scary, fun coaster, but not for the little kids. May be the best roller coaster at Disney World. My Husband especially loved it because he loves Aerosmith and that is the music they play for this ride.

Disney's Epcot: Epcot is a great place to see fireworks and eat dinner.

Disney's Mission Space – Fun. Can be scary for the kids so be careful.

Test Track – Way too cool. This one can be a little scary, but some kids will like it.

Future World - Kids & Adults will love this one.

World Showcase -

Map of Epcot







United Kingdom




United States



Epcot was our favorite.

We paid $328.00 for our meal vouchure for 2 adults for 6 dys of Breakfast, Snack and Dinner. When I got home I added up all of our receipts and they totaled up well over $600.00. and we did not pay nothing more than the $328.00. So we got double the food, we tried the different culture foods and we didn't even eat the total alloted amount for each day. It was amazing. Just to not have to worry about spending money on food.

Time of Year to go to Disney World:

1) Most Crowded times at Disney:

President's Day week

Spring Break (the last 3 weeks of March to the week after Easter)

Summer (the second week of June to the third week of August)

Thanksgiving weekend

Christmas week to just after New Year's

2) Least Crowded times at Disney:

The second week of January to the first week of February (except Martin Luther King holiday weekend)

Third week of August to the start of October

The month of November (except for Thanksgiving weekend)

The week after Thanksgiving up to week of Christmas

If you are military, ask for Military Discounts.

All I can say is, going to Disney World was the most relaxing, stress free vacation we have ever been on. I highly recommend getting the meal voucher for sure. Have fun!

Disney World Holiday Light Show