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Disneyland Rocks!

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==The reason for this review==

Ok, I am a huge fan of Disneyland. I live in Southern California and for years I have had Disneyland annual passports. There are many reasons to love it and also to write about it. I could almost write a book. Luckily for you, I won't but I will be focusing this review on my favorite Disneyland ride. This ride is the real reason I keep going back. My favorite ride is the Haunted Mansion.

==Basic Information about Disneyland==

Disneyland first opened on July 17th 1955. Walt Disney was the brains behind it. The park today consists of the following "parks, " Adventurerland, Tomorrowland, Toon Town, Fantasyland, Critter Country and New Orleans Square. The Haunted Mansion is located in New Orleans Square.

==Haunted Mansion ride==

(Warning-spoyal alert read at your own risk)The Haunted Mansion is the best ride at Disneyland. It is charming and very clever and has a huge following. For an extensive review on this ride please visit www.doombuggies.com. It is a site devoted soley to this ride. The ride starts out as you walk into the foyer. You are introduced to the "ghost host" (Paul Freas) and he guides you into a room were you are surrounded by portraits. As the ghost host continues his diologe, the floors move down as the room stretches. He then points out that this room has no windows and no doors and he challanges you to find a way out. Of course there is always his way. He then displays his hanging body on the cealing. Lightening crashes and the room goes pitch black. You hear the body drop to the floor and the room is lit again. A panel opens up and you unload into a hallway. This hallway has portraits on one side and windows on another. Outside there is a storm raiging. With each strike of lightling, the portraits turn from somthing innocent into somthing greusome. You then load onto your "doom buggie" to take a tour through the haunted masion...

This is just the start to a very thrilling ride. To find out what you experience next you must ride the Haunted Mansion. (You didn't think I was going to give it all away, did you?)

==My Opinion==

Overall, this ride is fasinating as it is spooky. Not for young children, in fact, not for some adults. Be prepared to get scared and have fun!