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Disney Pixar A Bug's Life

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By halcammom on
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When Disney decided to collaborate with Pixar, I think they made an excellent decision! Disney/Pixar's A Bug's Life is one of the best movies! The computer animation is just amazing! The leaves on the trees and the blades of grass look real. There are shadows that change too.

A Bug's Life is one my family's favorite movies. I can't even count the number of times we have watched it. My husband and I enjoy it as much as our daughter.

The movie begins as the ants are collecting food for the grasshoppers. Each year, before collecting food for themselves, the ants must collect food first for the very mean Hopper and the rest of his friends. Flik, an ant, tries to invent machines to make collecting food easier, but none of the other ants want anything to do with it. The grasshoppers arrive and Flik accidently knocks over all the food they have collected for the grasshoppers. Hopper and his friends promise to be back and they better have the food this time! Flik volunteers to get other bugs to help fight the grasshoppers. Since they want to get rid of Flik, Princess Atta and her advisers decide to send Flik in seach of other bugs, thinking he won't return. Flik does return with a group of circus bugs that he thinks are warrior bugs. Will these circus bugs and the ants have the courage and strength to fight the grasshoppers? Watch the movie to find out. It will quickly become a favorite.

A Bug's Life is rated G so it is suitable for children of any age. However, Hopper in one scene did scare my daughter when she was very small. If you have small children that are afraid of bugs, you might want to watch it first to make sure they won't be scared. Don't worry though, you won't be bored with this movie, even if you do watch it without your children.