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Disney Pixar Toy Story Dvd

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Toy Story is the first collaboration from Disney and Pixar. I'm so glad they started working together because they have created some the best movies together. Toy Story is one of those excellent movies. Our family has watched this movie so many times and we never get tired of it. There is excellent music and characters that you just fall in love with!

Toy Story opens as Andy is having his birthday party. Most of the toys in Andy's room, who come alive when he is not around, are so afraid that Andy will try to replace them with toys he gets from his birthday. Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks), Andy's favorite toy, is confidant that Andy will always have room in his heart for all of his toys. Woody soon realizes that although he may not be replaced, there is a new toy to compete with him, Buzz Lightyear (voiced by Tim Allen).

Woody is cowboy doll with a pull string and Buzz is an electronic toy. Andy begins playing with Buzz more often and Woody becomes very jealous. As a move for Andy's family approaches, the two toys get lost and end up at the neighbor's house, a very bad boy named Sid. Can these two rival toys team up together to get back to Andy before he moves? Watch the movie with your family and I don't think you will be disappointed.

Filled with toys from your childhood like Mr. Potato Head, you'll find yourself cheering for your favorite toy and loving the movie each and every time you watch it. We love Toy Story here and will watch it anytime.