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Disney's Up Review

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Steph Dobson By Steph Dobson on
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Up is one of the greatest films to ever come from the mighty Disney. This film is heartwarming, hilarious and something original for die hard Disney fans. This isn't a tale of a princess and her hero (although i love them too :)) This is a story about a grumpy old man, a talking dog and a young boy scout.

The opening ten minuted alone are near perfection and even bring a tear to your eye. The rest of the film is a slight slope downwards after the fantastic sequence but still reamins a brilliant film.

There are no feeble jokes, no pathetic excuse for characters, this film got it all right. Part of this is due to the fantastic script and part of it is due to the excellant voice acting. Disney got it all right with the cast.

What also makes this film great is it's score. Take the opening scene for example, there is little diologue (to my memory) but what makes it so emotional and so heartwarming and so touching is the beautiful music in the background.

While the premise of a flying house and an old man who can pull the flying house on his back through a jungle seems crazy to some, it's orignal and I love it! Buy this dvd!