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Disposable Grill Wipes Makes Grilling Easy!

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Do you do what my husband does when cleaning the grill? Do you crank up the heat to burn off the food after grilling? Do you use a wire grill brush before using it again to get all that black crud off the grates?

Next my husband would use a wad of wet paper towels to get the black dust off the grates trying not to burn his hands and then finally grill the next meal. NO MORE!!

I found these super little grill wipes that cling to the bristles of your grill brush. After using your wire brush to clean the grates just place one of these wipes on your grill grate, press down on it with your wire brush and wipe down all the stuff that is left (no more burning your hands). At the same time these grill wipes contain a non-stick vegetable oil which works wonders in cooking your next meal without it sticking to your grill.

I was hesitant at first thinking they might be smelly or leave a taste on your food. Upon opening the package I could smell absolutely nothing, just the same odor you would get if smelling an open bottle of vegetable oil. The wipes are not overly saturated and are made of a flame retardent material.

My husband loves using these and gives them a thumbs up. Grill marks on your steaks are much more visible than before. It is recommended to use these wipes on a low to medium heat and make sure they are cool before throwing them out.

We haven't found anything negative to report on these grill wipes. After trying them the first time I went back and stocked up as we grill all year round!!