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Dissection Of I Phone

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Anand Srikantaiah By Anand Srikantaiah on
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Being a worshiper of gadgets, I could not wait to get my hands on iPhone. So finally, I purchased it at a local Apple store. The one thing I hated was, in order to use my new iPhone I had to purchase subscription from AT&T. I was completely against it, for this tactics by Apple and AT&T in forcing customers for purchase.

Any ways, other than the iPhone has been called the “most successful product introduction of this century”, “the greatest gadget of all time”, “The iPhone is poised to define the 21st century”. My personal opinion is iPhone is the most beautifully designed cell phone I have ever seen, some might not agree by we all might agree on its thoughtful minimalism and attention to detail. The front consists of optical grade glass facade which fit seamlessly with the rest of the body; the rear is made of finely milled aluminum. Speakers are located at the bottom of the phone, due to this we have to take care that we won’t block the speakers when we are making calls on it. The touch screen is amazingly sharp and responsive. Towards the back we have a small camera.

If you are computer savvy, then after using it for a few hours you’ll notice that its just like a mini computer. I mean except for physical damage, there is no way, its nearly impossible for an iPhone to get corrupt on the software side. For a few days I continued my experiments on it, I damaged the software, I reinstalled it, I made the phone unusable and again I just reinstalled the software and it was like brand new. This is the kind of flexibility and freedom it gives. The iPhone's geometry make it incredibly comfortable to hold. It fits well in the hand horizontally and vertically. Complete one-handed operation is a snap in portrait mode. The sound clarity is amazing and a heaven for a music lover.

The iPhone features the most attractive display I have ever seen on a portable device, the picture quality will simply leave you breathless. One biggest issue with the display is the usage of a glass face. This is an absolute fingerprint magnet and makes iPhone look ugly with all your finger prints on it. An another important thing to note here is unlike other smart phones, you cannot use a touch stick for the touch screen, you must touch it with your bare finger to do almost anything and this leaves your finger print all over the screen. Another surprising thing is the glass surface is absolutely scratch proof, I have heard that they have been tested under more rigorous circumstances.

If there's anything revolutionary, as Apple claims, about the iPhone, it's the user interface that would be nominated. Their are large number of phones that make calls, play movies and music, have maps, web browsers, etc., but none comes near to the user interface experience given by the iPhone. Safari on the iPhone is the best browser ever seen on a mobile, with or without Flash, because it actually renders everything "as it should". Some of the gestures used by iPhone are:

Drag - scroll up and down for list. Side to side, for browsing photos and web pages.

Flick – Provides a quick way to scrolls up and down through lists.

Stop - while scrolling, tap and hold to stop the moving list

Swipe - flick from left to right to change panes and delete items like mail and SMS.

Single tap - select an item

Double tap – Plays songs, movies, selects an item.

Dragging fingers away from center zooms in and out for photos, zooms in for maps.

Two-finger single tap - zooms out for maps only. The iPhone's single biggest advantage over all other smart phones available has been its virtual keyboard primarily because the quality of a phones keyboard can make or break the success of a mobile device, and of the numerous touch screen keyboards released over the years, not one has proven a viable substitute for a proper physical keyboard. This also provides auto correction feature when typing SMS or notes.

The most important is, it does not matter if you are a new user to smart phones or an experienced user, you will get the hang of it with in minutes of usage, so no need to go through lots of user guides and know what, Apple does not provide one with the phone.

At this point my mind was strolling around in its own iPhone galaxy and guess have to bring it back to earth. Il be posting a series of reviews, tips and tricks on iPhone with further postings. Have a nice day every one.