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Disturbed 'Another Way To Die' 2010 Single

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John LeBlanc By John LeBlanc on
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Disturbed's new 2010 single "Another Way To Die" was a lot different than I had expected it to be. But, then again, leave it to Disturbed to make being environmentally-friendly metal. This apocalyptic-themed song is great instrumentally wise, but the lyrics themselves are somewhat repetitive. The entire song seems to live off of the words 'appetite, ' 'hunger, ' and 'another way to die [this one is obviously understandable, because it is the title of the song].' I adore the solo in this song, it reminds me of .38 Special a bit, but it has emotion behind it. Also, as with most Disturbed songs, I love the drums in this single. The use of the toms during the chorus and verse is great. The vocals somewhat ruin "Another Way To Die" for me, however. They just don't seem like they belong. They're too rushed for the song, which has a slower tempo to it. It's as if he's trying to fit ten minutes worth of lyrics into four minutes of music. As for the final overview, I'm not sure. "Another Way To Die" to me is one of those songs you have to listen to four or five times before you get used to it. Whether it's worth the money or not, it's up to you. If you're a hardcore Disturbed fan, I'd go for it.