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Do I Dust Or Vacuum First??

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Who loves to clean house? It's not on my list of top 10 favorite things to do. If I could afford a maid she'd be cleaning my house as I write this review!!

Don Aslett is known as America's #1 cleaning expert and is the founder of one of the largest cleaning firms in the country. I figured if he didn't have answers to help me breeze through cleaning my house, then nobody would.

I love the title of this book, Should I Dust or Vacuum First? My title would be Should I Sleep or Clean House First!! You will find this book absolutely chalk full of the greatest cleaning tips, do's and dont's, and answers to some difficult cleaning questions

The little animations throughout the book make me feel that Don knows what my house looks like! This is a fast read and will keep you entertained on a subject that could be pretty boring. Mr. Aslett makes sense and almost makes house cleaning look easy!

Some of my favorite questions in the book are:

Am I lazy if I hire someone to do my house cleaning? (I went directly to this one!)

Don, Do you help your wide around the house? (I pointed this one out to my husband)

How can I clean to reduce allergies? (something which my husband has gotten all of a sudden in the last few years)

How do I clean crayons and hard food out of heat vents? ( a good one for parents with little ones!)

I have 4 boys who miss the toilet, what should I do? (I have one husband, oh, never mind)

What is the biggest housecleaning time waster? and What is the dirtiest place in the house?

These are just a few of the questions you will find answers to in this book. It is 246 pages long and also has a great glossary of tools and equipment to have on hand. This gets a 10 out of 10 in ratings from me!