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Do Not Buy This Router

Reviewing: Linksys Wrt160 N  |  Rating:
ocean By ocean on
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This router worked fine for the first few months we were using it. I bought it in September 2008 and didn't use it until March 2009. By early June, however, it had gotten to be almost completely useless. Sometimes it would connect wirelessly and sometimes it wouldn't - sometimes our computers wouldn't even recognize it was there. By late June, the WiFi wouldn't work at all. Sometimes it shows up on my computer's list of available connections, but it's a one-way connection (we can ping the router, but it doesn't go as far as the modem and the signal won't come back).

By August 2009, we were even starting to have troubles when connecting via cables. Half the time, the signal is local only and the other half we get nothing. We spend way too much time resetting the router over and over again until we get a connection, and that connection will sometimes only last an hour or two.

The problem has nothing to do with the modem, since we have both connected directly to it on occasion without any trouble.

Since I have never had trouble with any Linksys products in the past, I thought that this must just be a bad apple, but after talking to a few friends (who work in calling centers for various computer-related items) I found that we are not the only ones who have been having difficulties with this router.

The company came out with a new model when this one proved to be so buggy - but the stores are still trying to get rid of their old stock. Don't be fooled by what may seem like an insanely good price - it's not worth the money.