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Do Not Let Your Kids Get Ahold Of This Book

Reviewing: Penguin Fairyville By Emma Holly  |  Rating:
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Emma Holly is the new reigning queen of erotic romance. I have read some of her previous books and really liked them. This one was okay but not all that great. The book basically had a lot of sex and a medi-ocre storyline. I was kind of dissapointed. I got this book from one of my many book trading sites bookmooch.com. My referral name is kristyh if you want to check it out--- Shameles plug that could not be helped ;o) This is one of Emma's erotic paranormal books. Honestly at times this book made me blush, and that is not an easy thing to do. Do not let your children that can read get ahold of this book.

Story: Zoe is a medium who can communicate with the dead. She has her eye on Fairyville's hottest bachelor Magnus. Zoe does not have good experiences with men especially since her heart was broken long ago by her high school sweet heart. Some strange things are happening in Fairyville.

Characters: The characters in this story have a lot of sex. Zoe is untrained in her sexual powers over men. Magnus is a different being altogether that requires sex in order to stay on earth. The characters in this book are pretty shallow and uncomplicated.

I guess I would recommend this book if you are a die hared Emma Holly fan. But honestly I think there are many other better books out there. Emma can usually mix steamy scenes with a decent storyline, I think she just did not do it this time.