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Do Not Stay Here!!

Reviewing: Motel 6 In Little Rock, Arby Uams  |  Rating:
kristyh By kristyh on
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Due to my grandma being sent to UAMS Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas- me and my mom made an unexpected trip. We arrived in Little Rock at 1a.m. ( we live 4hrs. away). We found the hospital but my grandma was in ICU so we decided to leave and find somewhere to sleep until we could se her in the morning. We are unfamiliar with the area and just stayed on the main road (Markham St.) and pulled in to the first place we seen. We figured since it was a Motel 6 it would be affordable, which it seemed to be at the time. Looking back now the price was not worth it. The parking lot was kind of dark but it was midnight so we did not think anything of it. We got a room which was on the third floor and chose to take the stairs because the elevator looked scary. As we were taking our stuff up to the room I did happen to notice the littered beer cans everywhere. I know this is a Motel 6 and not the Hilton but c'mon surely the inside of the room would look better than the outside right? Wrong. The room had a weird smell which set off my allergies. The sink had a gross film on it like it had not been cleaned in a while. The shower had mildew growing in it. When I did finally lay down I noticed burn holes in the bed sheets. I know we were not in a great part of Little Rock so I tried to ignore the suspicious weed like smell drifting in from the room two door down from ours. I also tried to not make eye contact with the thugish looking teenagers drinking 40's on our balcony. Honestly if we would have not been so extremely tired and stressed out from the previous day I would have demanded my money back and just drove around until I found something better. This place is in obvious need of better management. I have stayed at other Motel 6's before and they were just fine. I only wish I would have taken pictures of the filfth to show you guys.

DO NOT STAY HERE: Motel 610524 W Markham St

Little Rock, AR 72205