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Do You Know A Secret? The Secret Does

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The book has sold over 4 million copies. The movie required a budget of over 3 million dollars and behind the phenomina of "The Secret" stands a woman, Rhonda Byrnes, who not only transformed her own life but set out to help others transform theirs by using nothing more than "The Secret" to do so.

This book is phenominal! When I first watched the trailer for the movie by the same name, I immediately wanted to track the book down and read it. So much of what "The Secret" holds between its covers, many of us already know and use daily, yet we aren't even aware of the fact that what we have in our lives is a powerful, unique and wonderful tool that if used can transform our lives by the moment, the hour, the day and for our life time.

It wasn't until I read the book that I realized that I had already been using much of "The Secret" in my life already. I'd lived, accomplished and received many things in my life that were in direct relation to my having utilized this incredible and powerful "law" yet I had no idea that what I had always been doing, had any rhyme or reason. I just thought that was the way every one thought. The way every one felt. The way everyone led their lives.

Apparently 99% of the world's population uses this incredible technique but they too don't even realize it, nor do they actually understand it's great and significant power.

Rhonda Byrnes had many things going on in her personal and professional life just prior to her learning the "secret" and with a leap of faith, she chose to share what she learned with the world. Making the move "The Secret" was in itself a huge testimant to the power of "The Secret" given that much of the budget for the film came from sources that Ms. Byrnes still doesn't know the origin of, people whom she needed to put the film together just seemed to come together - things took place that just seemed to come together magically.

This book is an inspiring read and it's one that I doubt anyone would be able to walk away from without having felt, learned or desired to do something to make their lives and their methods of thinking more positive.

When I read this book, I was going through a 'negative nelly' stage, I don't get those often because I am in fact, and according to most people I know, a very positive, everything happens for a reason, it will all work out type person. At the time however there were a lot of things going on and I guess I lost my way just a bit. This book however confirmed for me, actually re-affirmed, that it was time to get back to who I was but this time I knew why I wanted to be a positive, upbeat person.

If you are going through difficulties and your train of thought is helping to feed these difficulties - you'll want to read this book. It makes sense, although there are some areas where you may actually go "huh?" but honestly, the information this book holds is really very, very common sense and is something you may already have been doing all along but now with this book, you'll understand and you'll be able to improve your methods.

"The Secret" is an affirmation of what positive thinking, thankfulness and true sense of spirit living can accomplish. An excellent book although you will have to overlook a few typos ;)