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Do You See What I See???

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Brandy Norton By Brandy Norton on
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I seen another review about a different medicine on shared reviews and the writer was talking about mixing sleeping medicine with Benadryl. I don't take sleeping medication but had the same problems they did.

I started taking Benadryl for allergies about seven years ago. I did not have the money for Florance or Allegra or Clariton. So, my doctor recommended Benadryl. I took two of them every night before I went to bed.

These things would knock me out. But, I know a few people who can take the same thing and it would wire them up. I guess, everyone is different.

Anyway, I started to notice that I would see things at night. It was like, half of my brain was asleep and the other half was wide awake, and didn't notice, there was a problem. My eyes would be wide open and I would remember most of it the next morning, and think, "that's crazy".

My dad was a sleep walker so, I just assumed I got it from him.

Here are a few of the crazy things I did:

One night I made my husband get out of the bed, because I thought he had rolled over on my baby, when in fact, she had never left her crib.

One night I seen an Indian sitting right beside my bed, just looking at me.

I would see people walking in and out of my bathroom and closet.

It was making me so crazy, that I thought I was seeing ghost, and there was a porthole in my closet, LOL, yea!!

One night, I thought there was a cat hanging from my ceiling fan and ever time the fan would turn, the cat would go higher. I woke myself up, standing on the bed, trying to save the cat. The fan could have easily got me that night.

I had my husband so scared for awhile, because I would go tell him, there's a man in the house, (just an example, because it was something different every night)that he would quit what he was doing and go to bed with me.

Until, he finally realized it was all in my head. But, he would still have it in the back of his mind, and would closing the blinds and stuff, LOL.

He started telling me, while it was happening, "You're asleep baby. Go back to bed". Oh, that was the wrong answer.

A little note, to all: Don't wake a sleep walker up. Just agree with them and tell them its okay. Then make sure they get back to the bed.

Because I wasn't in my right mind, when he would try to wake me, I would get mad and go off on him. Who knows what all I told that man, because it made me mad, when he would argue about what I saw. When your asleep, in your mind you are right, they are wrong, and you know what you saw.

Its not until the next morning you see, he was right and you, more than likely, didn't see anything.

I took this medication for at least five years faithfully, until one day, I was talking to my uncle. He was talking about the crazy things he did that night and he thought it was from the Benadryl he took.

HHHUUMM??? That's it!!! I'm not crazy.

I quit taking it, and the problem was solved.

Now my kids are sleep walking sometimes and they are not on medicine. So they are the ones who took after my Daddy. Here we go again, LOL.

All-in-all, I think if you are allergic to something, you need benadryl. So I do keep it handy. But, if it does you, like it did me, its probably a good idea not to take it for allergies everyday.

As for as the information on the medication, the active ingredient is Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride 25mg per pill. This is an antihistamine.