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Do You Truly Believe In God?

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Steve Carrel is on this movie. I didn’t even know what this movie is about until I watched it with my hubby. Carrel plays as a weatherman, Evan Baxter, who has just been promoted for a congressman. He and his family then move to a big new house, thanks to his new job. His slogan as a congressman is ‘Change the World’. One day he prays to God to help him change the world. One day God speaks to him in a form of a black man (Morgan Freeman), and asks Evan to build an ark for Him, because there will be a great flood (just like in the story of the Bible, Noah’s ark). At first Baxter refuses, tries to deny everything he sees (animals in pairs start to follow him wherever he goes). But finally he accepts his destiny and starts to build an ark. His family, who leaves him because they think he’s crazy, eventually come back and help him with his ark.

“Believe in God” is the theme of this movie. Here we can see if someone truly believes, he will eventually gain happiness. This is an interesting movie I think, because not only it brings comedy in it, but also touches our religious insight. Modern people claim that they worship God all the time, but it doesn’t mean that they truly believe in God. The movie proves this. When Evan tries to warn them about the flood and asks them to get into the ark because God told him so, the people ignore him and laugh at him.

The image of the DVD is clear, but there are sound issues, like sometimes it’s mute, sometimes it’s on. This was what bothered us when watching this movie. The actors’ performances are all good and the comic acts are okay, not so comical but okay. And I like when Carrel dance. Soundtrack is not bad at all, even “Everybody Dance Now” is very splattering to close the movie. Extra features include deleted scenes. I might watch it again later, since don’t know why, this movie grabs my heart a lot…