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Do You Want To Free From Suffering Hair Loss?

Reviewing: Kadus Kadabell Gmb H Kadus Imunal Vital Control Serum  |  Rating:
Juliyan Chasanah By Juliyan Chasanah on
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This is the best hair loss and sure hair growth serum 2 in 1 that i ever found.Containing some great ingredients that supporting the physiological growth of the hair ( you'll see the result about 2-4 weeks), and controls the scalp's balance oil so your hair won't be so oily all day and make your hair free from dandruff (from the first time u use it) and the most important is my suffering of hairloss has gone from the first time i use it ( it will be seen when you brush your hair or when you are washing ur hair)

I had been suffering from hair loss and oily scalp (with a lot of dandruff) 'till i found this stunning stuff.Also with stunning price, normal price for 4x 7ml = $20, and i bought them just for $11 ! It is so cheap if you compare with Kerastase Aminexil ( 10x 6ml = $135) BUT it has a same result! I have tried aminexil for 1/2 setpack, and i think it has a same result with Kadus.

But, this is not for a permanent result.It's like a nutrition that you have consume continous if you want to have the result *as example, if you hungry, you have to eat to feel so full, and won't you get for permanent one.You have to eat and eat when you feel hungry.get what i mean? ;).

I use this serum about 3 times a week.And the result will be better if you use the shampoo too, Kadus Imunal Vital Control Shampoo ($7 for 2 months).And don't feel you need hair conditioner after that, cause i feel my hair so smooth and easy to fall after using it.And if your hair is too dry type, just add some vitamin serum for making your hair more smooth and silky shinny ( usually i use Crrante Soft & Shine -->>> won't make your hair so dull and oily, but enough for smoothing and shinning your dry hair)

Okay, now we're talking about the packaging.I love the packaging.It is so attractive with a clean bottle and a clean serum making it is so eye catching.Also the shape of the bottle with a round cap, producing a shape that sits comfortably in the hand and stands firmly upright.There is an easy additional tool to make eassier using the serum to the scalp.So u won't use the serum too much, and make the serum so hygienic.