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railroadrosie By railroadrosie on
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I was recently in a Lane Bryant store, Everyone knows this is a 'Big Girl" store, Right? When I discovered some Jeans I had never seen before. After talking with the TALL saleslady to get some details on the jeans, Specifically if they came in TALLS & if they would SHRINK. These where my main concerns as I am tall and it seems that everytime I buy jeans they shrink in the length making them to short. She assured me they would not shrink and showed me that she was wearing the same jeans.

I bought 3 pair. I love these jeans. Their sizing is different than regular womens jeans, Instead of 12, 14, 16 etc. They are sizes 1, 2, 3, etc. I would normally wear a 14. However in these jeans I wear a 2. The ones I purchased are made for women with no thighs and no rump, and they happen to come in talls. They have a yellow tag on them which indicates the figure they are made for. There are jeans with red, green, blue, etc. tags and they are made for petites, women who do have a rump & thighs, women with no thighs who do have a rump and so on, get the picture.So basically they have jeans for women of every shape and size.

Ok, now let me tell you "The sales lady was'nt lying". These are the best fitting jeans I have ever bought. They are straight across my hips, fit my flat behind perfectly, and they look great. They come in straight leg, bootcut, and flare legs, and the material does stretch, but not so much that the jeans lose thier shape. I have washed them at least 10 times and they always come out looking like I just purchased them. I will never buy any other jeans, at least until they dicontinue these - and then the search will be on again for perfect fitting jeans.