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Do Your Taxes Yourself

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mary60 By mary60 on
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I am one of those people who do their taxes, by themselves. If your life is about the same every year, why pay someone to do what you can do. All you need to do is just change the figures from the previous year, entering your new figures, and only filling in the lines that apply to you. Any changes by the IRS are explained for you, and forms can be got on the internet or at the IRS office. They also are there if you have questions. If you are a regular wage earner with deductions, and nothing real complicated you should be able to do your taxes by yourself saving hundreds of dollars. I know people who pay $200+ for just a 1040 form, this is outrageous. They are really kind of simple, but most people think that the IRS cares who does your taxes. People think if H&R has their signature on the form, that they won't get audited--not true. They make mistakes too!

Years ago i paid to have mine done ($5.00)-tells my age. Anyways I thought i'm as smart as those people and laid the form down, next to a new one and preceeded to find out where they got the figures. I found my life is always the same and only the figures have changed. Over the years I have learned more and more about taxes for the average person or family. You would be surprised how many people i have helped to do this, so they didn't have to pay to get them done.

If you have a large business or some kind of deductions that bring you to do new forms you've never seen, then a tax person may be your way.

Of coarse the internet is another source that you can use. Only fill in what applies, but watch out for the cost that gets you when the taxes are finished. Just try one year and you'll be surprised at how simple they really are.

Update On Mar 25, 2010: I have been helping friends to do their taxes, and hoping they will do themselves next year. Lets save all that money they charge for simple forms. Don't let the Irs scare you- you can do them..