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Dobie Pads A Long, Long Love Affair

Reviewing: Scotch Brite (3 M) Dobie Cleaning Pad (2 Pk)  |  Rating:
Joan Young By Joan Young on
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Dobie cleaning pads are superior to many other kitchen scouring pads and have uses beyond washing dishes.

I realized today, as I was using my kitchen Dobie pad that I really should review it. It’s one of the few products to which I am brand name loyal. You are probably thinking, “Well, heck, a nylon scrubbie is a nylon scrubbie. Who cares?”

That’s what I’m going to tell you... why these are simply the best. A Dobie pad is 4.5" x 3" x ½" thick. It has a foam core that is covered with nylon mesh. I’ve been buying them for probably 30 years.

The size: I can’t deal with pads that are too big for my small hands. These are just perfect. Yet, my husband, whose hands are larger, likes the size very much as well.

The shape: The rectangular shape stays where you put it. I have an extra, shallow soap dish by my kitchen sink for it to live in. The round, puffy scrubbies roll and bounce. A small thing, no doubt, but it makes me nuts.

The nylon mesh: The mesh with which it is covered is not just nylon net. This has a tougher strand, and it is woven in a pattern so that there is a great deal of texture to the surface. And of course, nylon scrubbers don’t scratch hi-tech (or even very old) surfaces!

The foam core: The core will absorb and retain dish soap so that if you soap the pad and then scrub one item all that soap hasn’t gone down the drain. You can still wash another dish or pan. In the picture below the soap you see squeezed out of the core is still there after I washed scaled milk scum out of a large pan, the spoon rest, the spoon, and a couple of other small items.

I use a Dobie pad for scrubbing any pan or dish that needs a little extra help. I only get out a stainless steel soap pad any more if I need to clean camping gear. This is the obvious use.

I also keep a separate pad for scrubbing vegetables. I don’t peel potatoes any more... all those great vitamins are near and in the skin. I just cut out the eyes and scrub them with my veggie Dobie. Carrots too. Any root vegetable that needs some cleaning up and removal of some outer hairs or slightly funky bloom or spots will clean up great with a Dobie.

Then, I keep one in the back of my car. Sometimes those bugs just get so splattered on the windshield that some extra oomph is needed to wash them off.

The box suggests some other uses that I haven’t tried: pedicures, washing car tires, brushing suede shoes, cleaning shower doors.

They last really well. Of course it sort of depends on how rough of a life they lead. But even when the nylon gets a few holes in it, the weave of the mesh doesn’t completely ravel out and lead to instant death. I hang on to them till they are really full of holes, then use them once more to clean the stove burners or something equally icky, then toss them. Hubby would like to replace them before they get quite that tatty, but I squeeze every nickel till it hollers for Vicodin.

Over the years I think I’ve seen two pads where the stitching that holds the mesh over the foam came apart early (that is a bummer, but you could whip it back together with some carpet thread if you were inclined.

I think the only disadvantage is that any of these products can harbor some bacteria from food residue that they trap in the fibers. But dirty dishes aren’t good either! You have to scrub them somehow.

This is such a simple product, but it’s really good. I think the chief difference between it and similar products must be quality of the textured nylon mesh.