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Does Pro Active Really Work?

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By kaley on
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I was sitting at home, watching TV. All of a sudden people come on talking about this miracle product, Pro Active Solution. Theres so many clear-faced people claiming how it well it works and how it got rid of all their acne. I had figured if it worked for this many people, why wouldn't it work for me?

A few days later, I went to the mall and bought it. 75 dollars is very expensive for acne products if you ask me.

As for the results, it was overall alright. They ask you to use it about twice a day, and it consists of 3 products. The first three days, the results were amazing. Everyone really noticed a difference in my face. However, after the first month, my face started breaking out again. Then, after two months, my breakouts got ridiculous. My face looked ridiculous. I was embaressed to go out. My skin had basically gotten prone to any of the medication, and was twice as worse from the time I started.

Pro Active Solution will help your skin in the beginning, but after that you better get your concealer out again.