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Does Veet Work As Well As It Claims?

Reviewing: Veet Hair Removing Cream  |  Rating:
By tara on
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Around the summertime every woman knows that you need clean shaven legs and of course the bikini area! Every woman also dreads the after shave itch and sometimes burning that comes along with that. I decided to try a hair removing lotion called Veet to aid in my quest to lose the hair!

First off, let me say that the smell is terrible. I have not found one cream that has smelt good. The application process could be better. You have to rub it on and leave it there for five minutes. You are then given a plastic scraper tool that you use to take the hair off. I tried this exactly as the directions said the first time, and many hairs were left in place. I itched and the lotion dried my legs out very badly.

The second time I used it I left the lotion on for double the time, ten minutes. I then scraped it off using the tool they provided. This did better the second time but still left a lot of hair. I then shaved the rest off.

Using the lotion made shaving a lot smoother but that's about it. The hair grew back just the same as it would with shaving but took a lot longer to take off. I would suggest to either wax or shave your hair. Veet did not live up to it's name.