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Does Your Ps3 Really Need A Keyboardmouse?

Reviewing: Logitech Ps3 Keyboard / Mouse  |  Rating:
swood By swood on
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Logitech Ps3 Keyboard / Mouse is detected by the Ps3 easily and within moments installed. It comes with the two double-a batteries you need to keep it powered - this accessory, unfortunatly, is not rechargeable and that is my first and biggest complaint. The keyboard itself is light and seems durable. The mouse is not of my person preference - though it's convenient (it's a touchpad, like you'd find on a laptop) it's also impractical for use in games for aiming or pretty much anything. Where this accessory is useful is not in Ps3 gamining so much as in for navigating the Ps3s other features, be it using its web browser or taking advantage of its superior multimedia capabilities. Fortunatly, this is wireless, and it is relatively cheap. Recommended if you're going to be using the Ps3 as a multimedia system / web browser occasionally, or if you want to be able to type insults to opponents in various games.