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Doesn't Deserve The Title No Spill

Reviewing: Nuby No Spill Sippies  |  Rating:
nekoneko By nekoneko on
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So, these looked decent on the shelf. And my sister-in-law had recommended them as a "lifesaver" when I was pregnant. And they were easier on the pocketbook than the two- to three-times-as-expensive sippies. Who knew they'd be so horrible!

I'm going to start off with the good. This sippy is easy to clean because it doesn't have a valve. Instead, it relies on physics to keep the liquid in, and it does so fairly well. Also, the hourglass shape of the bottle makes it easier for small hands to grip and keep hold of. Cleaning is easy as well (provided you have one vital tool) because the sippy contains three pieces that are fairly large and do not contain small nooks and crannies.

This sippy does not, however, offer any guidelines for measuring. I went to add some juice and had to eye out the measurements, which was made more difficult by the aforementioned hourglass shape.

Also, because of the hourglass shape, cleaning is difficult unless you have a bottle brush (like the ones most of us have been using the last 7+ months!). There's no option to just swipe a rag because the neck is too narrow and the shape makes it difficult to clean the bottom portion.

Last, the No-Spill feature promised all over the packaging in big, bold letters is an outright lie. The first couple of times we used the sippies there was no problem. As time went on, though, the neck ring started slipping and falling lose, or going on lopsided, causing the contents of the sippy to leak (and sometimes even pour!) all over my son, causing him to be frustrated because he had to then wait for one of us to get a bottle instead.

One would think that it might just be the one cup having this problem, and I did give two more of the cups a chance, but they all do the exact same thing. I would not recommend this product except for someone traveling that can't get immediately to their child's cup. It's more frustration than it's worth, and I will be returning the three I have to the store for a different brand.

Update On May 27, 2008: Once again, I have been pleasantly surprised by a company. I sent an email letting Nuby know about their sippies not working and within 24 hours I received a reply back from Brandi. She's asking me to return the sippies so their engineering team can figure out why they aren't working and correct the issue. In return they'd refund the original cost and shipping. Nothing scripted, and if it is it's worded in a way as to soothe the irrated customer. If only every company was like this =)