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We have been the proud parents of a mini Dapple Dachshund for 5 years now. His name is Chopper and he jumps like a kangaroo, so therefore one of his nicknames is "Roo" - hence Santa Roo. I have to give a plug here for his grandmother, dnsygrl, as we got this wonderful little guy from her 5 Christmases ago.

I found this little doggie sweater last year in Target at the $1 section near the front of the store. Each year they seem to have these and since it was only $1, I just HAD to get it. The style may change, but it's put out by Target's own brand and so far, I have only seen this one size and style over the past 3 years.

Mind you, Chopper does NOT like wearing clothes of any kind and once we put anything on him, he just stands there. But it's so funny, because he is just so cute! He is quite stubborn and allowed us to put this coat on him for pictures.

He's just over 11 pounds, to give you an idea of the size of this coat. I'd say it's comparable to a doggie medium. It actually fits him quite well, since he's a long little guy. It definitely gets warm, so if we were in colder weather, I know it'd keep him warm outside. It's made of a satin type fabric and the head is lined with fake white fur. The arm bands are stretchy t-shirt fabric and it's actually made quite well. I was shocked it was only $1.

The front opening is all red velcro so it's very easy to put on and take right off - much to his delight. It just wraps around from the back, you slip his little arms in and velcro it back up. Well, that is, if he allows his arms (front legs) to be fully out - he normally retracts is legs, whether it's this coat, a sweater or his harness for going on outside walks. The back (picture shown) also has a little slot to pull a leash through. The color is red, but not a dark red. The flash makes it look shinier than it really is, but the full image included here, is more the color of it.

We've never left this on Chopper for more than the amount of time it took for pictures and when he saw me bring it to my computer for a full picture shot of the coat, he took off. Probably went back to bed, knowing him.