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Dog Day Afternoon Blu Ray Review

Reviewing: Warner Bros Dog Day Afternoon  |  Rating:
By Emil Rastoder on
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Dog Day Afternoon starring Al Pacino as Sonny Wortzik is based on an actual event that occured in 1972. A few years later Sidney Lumet wanted to make a movie about this and so he did. In 1975 Dog Day Afternoon was released. Even though this movie hasn't been very popular it's one of the best movies ever made and it's out on blu-ray. The movie involves three bank robbers (actually it's only two but they were three robbers in the beginning), one of them are Sonny Wortzik which the movie circles around. The robbery should've only taken a few minutes but things starts to go wrong. Some hours later hundreds of cops surrounds the bank and the robbery goes live on TV. Dog Day Afternoon is one of Al Pacino's best performances and everyone should see this movie.

When I first saw Dog Day Afternoon on Blu-ray it was like watching a totally different movie.The quality is splendid and the movie itself is clear and bright and it doesn't look as it was made in 1975. So the quality has improved a lot but it could have been just a little better. The audio is also very good but it's not perfect. But you don't think about these small issues when watching the film because the story telling is so great. Despite some little flaws it's a really good release and everyone should own this blu-ray edition. The extra material is quite interesting to watch even if there's not much material but it's quite a long documentary. My overall rating for the entire blu-ray release is 4.5/5.