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Dokapon Kingdom Is A Great Party Game

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Dokapon Kingdom is a party RPG, meaning its intended for multiplayer so if you have siblings or friends over, its something that'd you'll really enjoy. The game is built like an anime inspired board game. Using spinners you determine how far you can move and depending on where you land, something can occur - you encounter an enemy, shop for equipment, make deals with various NPCs, or receive a penalty.

The object of the game is to defeat monsters in towns across the kingdom while competing with your friends. You can also play against the CPU (up to 4 players can play), but its quite challenging unless you've had some experience.

It takes a little time to understand the game and how things work, but fortunately the game itself does all the hard work. Battles play out in little 3D scenarios where you see your characters fight, defend, escape or cast spells.

There are several classes to choose from and as you progress you can unlock new and rare, far more powerful classes. Knights, Magicians, Thieves, Clerics, and Ninjas are just to name a few.

The game comes with a story mode and also a battle royale. The cool thing is that you don't need multiple controllers, you can just use 1 and pass it to the player who's turn is up.

If you challenge other players and win, you can rob them of their equipment, towns, cash, or pull pranks on them like changing their avatar or name. Its really fun and frustrating at the same time, so its best in a lighthearted fun atmosphere and I think you'll really enjoy it with other people. Its avaialble for under $20 for both Wii and PlayStation 2.