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Dolfino Swim Goggles You Get What You Pay For

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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Dolfino swim goggles

I don’t know much about swim goggles yet, so I purchased a cheap pair to see how bad they were, and if they might be good enough for me. The answer is that these Dolphino Swim Goggles are barely all right, and I’ll be looking for a better pair.

The goggles look just about like many of those offered, except for the really expensive ones. They are listed as having the following features: silicone strap, polycarbonate lenses, they offer UV protection and are latex-free, and they claim to be anti-fog. I guess the word “Futura” on the package refers to the style, although there was no other style available in this brand.

The lenses are hard plastic (the polycarbonate) with soft surfaces around the edges that are supposed to seal to your face. I was worried about this because my head is very small, but the strap seemed completely adjustable, so I went with the adult size.

Here’s how it has worked out: The strap is quite adjustable, and I am able to shorten it enough to fit my head. This means that it would fit most children, even though it says adult size. The distance between the eyes seems fine for me, and the bridge is soft, so there is some leeway there for fit. The strap is flat where it goes through the buckle and where it lies around the back of the head, but there is a long round section between these that feeds through the sides of the goggles. The strap is rather uncomfortable when you get it tight enough, and when you pull it off your head it rolls and tangles in your hair.

Protection against UVA and UVB rays is claimed. I have no way to prove or disprove this.

The polycarbonate lenses seem fine. I’ll discuss that with the anti-fog property. They do not fog, so that is good. I find that I can see underwater with them very well, but when my head is out of the water they often seem to have a lot of spots and distortion, so that I can’t easily identify where I am without wiping them off. Maybe this is true of all goggles.

Here’s the part that hasn’t worked out for me at all. The Dolphino Swim Goggles don’t always seal around my eyes. I’ve worn them four times now. They’ve sealed two of those times, and no amount of adjusting seemed to make both sides seal correctly on those days. This is pretty annoying and defeats the purpose of wearing goggles. I want to be able to keep my eyes open underwater. I’m usually swimming in a small inland lake, and I want to be able to stay beyond of the band of weeds without wandering out into boat traffic. When these swim goggles seal, I can do that perfectly without breaking my strokes.

They also make my eye sockets very sore when I tighten the strap enough to keep them sealed. I am hoping this is related to buying cheap goggles, rather than something that is true of all styles.

My recommendation is that if you can afford it, get a better kind and skip these, even for the kids. Goggles that hurt and don't seal aren't worth anything.

The goggles are made in China for Aqua-Leisure, a company that offers lots of swim and snow products, primarily for kids, under a number of different brand names.

The package says they are eco-friendly, but gives no explanation of why. There is a one-year guarantee against manufacturing defect.