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Don't Buy Mlb 2k9 Unless Casual Gamer

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By scooter on
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I purchased this game for the PC because it was cheaper than on any other consoles and I have not been satisfied with the MLB 2K series in the past. Instead of wasting my money on the $60 Xbox 360 version, I got the $9.95 PC version. I just want to start off by saying the MLB 2K series has a lot of potential but the lack of competition of baseball video games is hurting the final product. If you are a casual fan and just want to have fun playing a baseball video game you might enjoy this game but people who play hundreds of games will find that this video game has tons of bugs and AI issues that make the game not fun at all.

On multiple occasions the outfielders will miss fly balls that bounce off their heads and occasionally keep on trying to run through an outfield wall while the batter rounds the bases for an inside the park homerun.

As far as audio, 2K changed the commentators from Jon Miller and Joe Morgan to Gary Thorne and Steve Phillips. This is a much needed change but on some occasions they make the wrong call. The presentation is much better than last year as there are replays from past at bats that make it look like a real baseball game but there are some flaws like a typing error that says a play was the top field in 216 instead of 2008.

The graphics are pretty good but to take full advantage of High Def graphics you would need a powerful graphics card.

Some good things about this game is the frame rate was dramatically increased from MLB 2k8, so now you can play a smooth baseball game. Pitching has been improved over last year's game and I enjoy pitching because it is fun.

I can't review the online play because the PC version does not have online play.

2K did release a patch that fixed some of the issues but there are still plenty of issues that need to be fixed.

In conclusion, casual games will enjoy this game but gamers who dedicate their lives around MLB 2k9 will find the bugs and AI issues annoying and sometimes can make you lose games. I guess until MLB 2k10 comes out I will still be playing the last great baseball game for the PC, MVP 2005.