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Don't Drown In This Sea

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vsimeone By vsimeone on
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One of the products that I am trying as a Bzz Agent is Afrin Pure Sea. Afrin Pure Sea is a hydrating nasal rinse made from 100% purified sea water. I have to start by saying that I was/am skeptical of the whole "nasal rinse" idea but I was/am willing to give it a try. I mean, it can't be BAD for you and I do have icky sinuses so maybe it CAN help!

When I first Bzz'ed to the girl that works next to me about the fact that I joined this campaign and was going to be trying this product, her comment was "Nasal rinse. Isn't that, like, intentionally drowning yourself?" I laughed but then thought, "Hmmm... maybe it IS!"

So, when the product came, I read the directions and decided to try it in the shower as opposed to over the sink. I wasn't really sure what to expect and didn't want to have clothing or hair or makeup in the way of whatever was going to happen. Then came my first use. I have to say that I think I sniffed in (remember when you had to sniff in the medicated nose spray when you were little?) and my first thought was, "OHMIGOSH... I DID drown myself!" Needless to say, I was sputtering and snorting and it really felt like being smashed under a wave in the ocean - and just as much gunk and goo came gushing out my nose!

Ok, so it cleaned out my nose. So does getting smashed by a wave at the beach and this experience was just about as pleasant! But, I'm not one to give up easily, so I tried it the next day and this time DID NOT inhale! It was a little better. I've kind of forced myself to use it every day for about a week thinking I'd "get used to it." That hasn't happened yet. It's a little better but it still feels like shooting salt water into your brain and down your throat. I keep trying to convince myself that maybe I'm doing it wrong but if it's that difficult to do it right - forget it!

So, bottom line, Afrin Pure Sea isn't for me. Maybe if you're an experienced Neti Pot user, you may enjoy it but I think I'll stick to blowing my nose into kleenex when it gets clogged!