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Don't Fly Off Without Your Travel Pillow

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I don't travel without my travel pillow since this was given to me as a gift a few years ago. I have been on too many flights where one plane is unloaded, you wait 10 minutes and the next group is being asked to board. What does that tell you about cleanliness?

I'm a real stickler when it comes to not only sitting somewhere where some person sat for hours just minutes ago but leaning my head back against the back of the chair gives the creeps!

All I think of is if that person shampood that morning, did some guy use Grecian formula to keep his hair slicked down, head lice, you name it, I can imagine it.

To my rescue was this little inflatable travel pillow by Samsonite. It comes with two sections to inflate, the pillow and the neck rest. I can control the firmness or softness to my liking. It takes only minutes to inflate and considering you have to be at the airport 2 hours before your flight that is never a problem.

This pillow is made of a soft velour type material, has no odor, and comes with a handy traveling pouch to store it in between flights. When in the pouch it measures 4" wide x 5" tall and 3/4" thick so it tucks easily in a side pocket of your baggage.

Not only does this pillow ease my mind about cleanliness but it is a great support for my head and neck while flying. Gone are the days of holding my head up with my hands while my elbow is crammed on the arm rest. No need to share the shoulder of the person next to you, don't laugh, you will love this pillow!!

I also use this pillow on long car trips instead of bringing a huge pillow from my bed with me. I highly recommend one of these if you travel and fly frequently. I haven't had any problems with loosing air pressure in it and I thank the person who gave this to me every time I fly!!

Update On Jul 09, 2010: We had a flight last week where the air conditioning must have been put on max and aimed right down my head (yes, I did turn my vent off!). As soon as I used my travel pillow this took care of lot of the cold air going down my neck so another use for having one of these!