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Don't Let The Cover Fool You

Reviewing: Ufo Interactive Games The Monkey King: The Legend Begins  |  Rating:
Kevin Roman By Kevin Roman on
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Apparently they decided to change the Japanese cover for this game by making it look darker and edgier. This game plays as mediocre shoot ‘em up with several flaws. First of all, the bosses are too easy; you can beat the 1st 2 bosses before they even fire at you, and even if they launch an attack, it is telegraphed so obviously that you can dodge it in your sleep. The final boss was a joke too. The gimmick in this game is to slow/speed up the rate at which you scroll through the level by tilting your Wii Remote. You'll never speed it up except for the dead space between the final enemies of the level and the boss. You don't really need to slow it down much except when the difficulty bombards you with enemies.

There is a power-up system for your weapons as well as make you move faster; you start off moving terribly slow, making the slow scrolling help until you can move faster to dodge things. The other modes of this game are a joke, if not repetitive. The story mode is mediocre but has you save a kingdom. Normal mode is the same except it removes the dialogue. Lastly, race mode prevents you from shooting enemies and you just finish the levels as quickly as possible.

On a positive note, the game at least lets you save unlike Heavenly Guardian, although Monkey King is only 6 short levels. The graphics have an old-school style to them and the sound is nothing to write about. Still, it doesn't make the game anything special though at least it is a bargain to pay for.