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Don't Shake Your Wii Too Hard

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By shannighan on
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I was at a birthday party and the girls who's it was had her wii set up. The only game I was able to try was wii sports, but that game was fun! It took a little time to get used to the controls, but after a while you do get it. The games are very fluid in receiving and interpreting your actions. Lets get into a little more detail about the product.

Game Selection:

Now I love Nintendo games, my mother has a NES, I received a N64 when I was 8, I've had all the game boys, I currently have a DS and there is a game cube sitting on my desk. One thing I love about the Wii is its ease of use. Anybody of and age, shape, and size can use the Wii. The best part is is that there are games that fit each of those. You can invite your grandma over and your 8 year old daughter can play a game of tennis and every body would be having fun. No more sitting and watching one person play because they believe that their not capable of playing a video game.

Size/ Portability:

If your trying to save space, this would be perfect for you. The wii is smaller in all dimensions then the average Harry Potter book. You could easily put the Wii into a bag and bring it with you where ever you go.

Image/ Sound quality:

Now I'm all about the HD gaming, as I have an HDTV in my room and almost every room in the house, so seeing that the Wii does not support HD resolutions (720p - 1080p) I was a little upset. But the graphics are decent, but I'm not too sure about the sound. Now like I said I was playing this at a party so I couldn't really hear the Wii. I'm not sure if sound was coming out of the TV but there was defiantly sound coming out of the controller. The down side is is that your hand when your holding covers the speaker so the sound sounds muffled.


The best part about the Wii is its price. You can pick one up for a mere $240! This is a real bargain since the Xbox 360 ranged from $280 to $450 and the Sony PS3 ranged from $400 to $500.