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Don't Shoot! I'm In Therapy!

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Who wouldn't have fun with Liam Neeson, Sandra Bullock and Oliver Platt?

The Mafia, the Latin Mafia, The DEA, and some therapy groups!

I do not get enough of comedic crime dramas; released in 2000 and fairly obscured and way under played ever since, this one was definitely a tone setter.

Mr. Neeson delivers the viewer an overworked, highly stressed DEA agent losing perspective, while a congenial colonic administering Bullock brings some reason( and no small discomfort!) back into his increasingly unraveling life.

Charlie (Neeson) is just off one case that cost his partner's life, and spurred right into another dicey take down of warring cartel factions that threatens to push him over the edge if it doesn't kill him first. Oliver Platt isn't fairing so well as a soft hearted wiseguy who's near his last leg with his God Father who is also his father in law.

Really, he just wants to grow tomatoes, maybe open a little restaurant somewhere.

With Mary McCormack (In Plain Sight) as the stereotypical mafia wife, Olie is looking for a way out of "the life". Begin mixing in a bored but compassionate therapy group who happen to be looking for purpose and adventure in their lives, a bent DEA supervisor, and a couple of over-cuddly latin Mafiosos, all of them libel to shoot your head off at any moment, and well, you're likely to become a little Gun Shy yourself.

Political platforming aside, this has been a comedic fav of mine for many years.

Watching this film will go a long way in alleviating symptoms for sufferers of Narco...sleepysomethingornother.

NOTE: Sound track includes an operatic performance from Ms. Bullock's mom HELGA MEYER who passed away just a short time after this film was released.