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Don't Spend Your Money On Bottled Water!

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Water, water, everywhere. Everywhere I look, I see little plastic bottles of water. Are you tired of spending your hard earned money on individual sized bottled water?

I first found the need for bottled water when going on vacation and leaving the relatively decent tasting water in my hometown, for the rather nasty tasting water at my usual vacation destination. I was never a person to buy individual bottled water, I don't understand the obsession with it, but really dreaded dealing with "vacation water" and "cruise ship water."

Around 2003, I discovered some "on the go" individual water bottles made by a popular company. They were great! They were rather large thick plastic bottles with their own removable filter inside. You could keep the same filter for about 30-60 days, and just keep refilling and cleaning the bottle. Great! I purchased these for my family and had a great vacation. Then they were discontinued! The bottles and filters became impossible to find in stores. I resorted to purchasing these items on an online auction site for our next vacation.

Then, I discovered a site called Pure Water 2GO Portable Filtered Water. This site has individual plastic bottles for water plus individual removable water filters. I purchased some of these bottles with filters for our next vacation. By this time I had gotten used to using them all year round. I take them on short car trips to avoid having to buy drinks on the go, or for working out at home or elsewhere.

When I realized after my first purchase of Pure Water 2GO bottles, that the filters alone will fit on some commercial water and soda bottles from 16 ounces to 2 liters, I saved more money by just buying the filters. Pure Water 2GO has a variety of bottle sizes with filters, including the 27 oz size that the other company had discontinued, so you might want to check them out.

In the photos, I show the blue Pure Water 2GO filter on a commerically made 24 oz water bottle. I know the water bottles are not meant to be used frequently, but it is never difficult to find a fresh bottle to use.

According to the web site, these Pure Water 2GO water filters are called carbon composite filters. They are permanently attached to a push'n pull cap. Each filter is supposed to filter about 40 gallons of water. These filters are also eliminating over 75% of the taste and odor of chlorine. And I can tell you, they sure do turn vacation water into a more pleasant experience.

I am really glad I always have portable filtered water when I leave the house. I also feel good about not contributing to the accumulation of all those little plastic water bottles that have taken over our planet. And I really feel great about saving money and having some decent water to drink.

I highly recommend Pure Water 2GO water filters.