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Don't Touch That Squirrel's Nuts!

Reviewing: Warner Home Video Charlie And The Chocolate Factory  |  Rating:
Michelle Brown By Michelle Brown on
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Main Characters:


Willy Wonka: Johnny Depp

Charlie Bucket: Freddie Highmore

Grandpa Joe: David Kelly

Mrs. Bucket: Helena Bonham Carter

Mr. Bucket: Noah Taylor

Oompa Loompa: Deep Roy



Willy Wonka's chocolate factory is about to reopen to five lucky children! The children will be chosen through gold tickets found in Wonka's chocolate bars, and everyone is buying them. Charlie Bucket is a child who doesn't have any money, so he feels like there's not a chance of him visiting the factory. Will Charlie somehow get the money to buy one of the bars? And will he actually be able to find a golden ticket? The film takes us inside the factory, and shows us all the wonderful going-ons happening within the walls.

My Opinion:


I really did love this film. The acting was great; you could really believe everything that went on. But of course the star of the film was Johnny Depp, who portrayed Willy Wonka excellently. He did some hilarious facial expressions, and his lines were funny too; something which seems to come naturally to him as we've seen in 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. The other actors were great; Freddie Highmore did a superb job at portraying Charlie Bucket, and the other children played their parts well too. The child who played Augustus Gloop was one of my favourites, even though he left so early on in the film!

The storyline is great; who wouldn't want to imagine an amazing, fantastical chocolate factory? It was unique and gripping; I didn't tire of it, and the film seemed to last an appropriate amount of time - not too long or short. Tim Burton did an amazing job at taking an old classic and modernising it; making it more viewable for the younger audience, with its bright colours and simple storyline.

The special effects were great too; every little detail was thought of and made to look realistic, which it did. A great little thing which I enjoyed was the way the Oompa Loompas were just one person multiplied, and it looked fantastic.

The two disc edition of this film is £9.67 from Amazon, but I'm sure you can get it cheaper from elsewhere, such as Asda. I got mine from Asda for around £3/£5, which is an absolute bargain for a gem of a film.