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Don't Visit The World Without Tour Guide Mike

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By mom2one on
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I am not sure I want to let you in on my little secret as it might make it popular but if you are going to Disney World for the first time or even if you been there many times before, do not leave home with out Tour Guide Mike.

In 2006 we were going on our 5th trip to Walt Disney World. I thought I knew all the ins and outs and all the secrets. I knew about the fastpasses, early entry, which rides fill up fast, etc. I did not think there was any tour guide that could tell me what I didn't know.

Back in 2006, we got in on Disney's free dining program. We knew it would be a busy time, as everyone loves free food, especially free Disney food.

I kept hearing about TourGuide Mike from other Disney fans and website and I thought that maybe it might be something to check out.

Honestly I was not expecting much, as I said I thought I knew everything there was to know about touring Disney World.

I was WRONG!

I logged onto Tour Guide Mike's website and paid my $18.95 and begun my research. When you first sign up you log in your arrival date to Disney World, then your membership is good until 60 days after your arrival day. If you trip isn't for another year then you will have a membership for a year. So the key is signing up as soon as you know you are going to Disney World.

I will say at first the website looks a little confusing but after a while you learn how to navigate through it.

Every thing you need to learn is on the website. This tour guide is not a book.

On this website you will find tips and recommendations for your family. You put in your family's likes and ages and he recommends rides and attractions.

This is not a personalized tour planner, but he gives you all the tips and pointers you will need to plan your own trip. You will need to spend time researching and reading his ideas and website. I spent many hours reading and researching but it paid off.

The absolute best thing on Tour Guide Mike's website is his best day chart! This alone is worth the $18.95! He labels the parks in green day, yellow day and red day as to when he expects them to be busy. He also will give you reasons why he thinks it will be busy those days. It changes each week so you can't say all Tuesdays will be a green day at Magic Kingdom.

I followed his best day chart to a "T" and I also followed his which rides to go to first and I was pleasantly surprised to find out it works.

I can't give away Tour Guide Mike's secrets but by following his plan, we were able to walk on Space Mountain at 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon! If you know anything about Space Mountain you know this is a very popular ride. Not only did we walk on Space Mountain but we were able to ride it twice and the Buzz Lightyear ride 3 times, each time was only a 5 minute wait!

The longest we had to wait for any ride during our whole stay was a 20 minute wait for the Jungle Cruise ride. The only reason for the hold up was they had to get a wheelchair loaded into the boat, even Tour Guide Mike can't predict that.

This was the best Disney World trip we ever taken. It was great not having to wait in long lines or deciding to skip a ride because the line is too long. Because of Tour Guide Mike, even a 20 minute wait is too long for me now!

Our Disney World trip was relaxing yet we got on every ride we wanted to and saw every show we wanted too.

I highly recommend Tour Guide Mike if you are planning a Disney World trip. Even if you are a regular visitor I think you will learn a thing or two from his website.

I can honestly say I will never take a trip to Walt Disney World again without my Tour Guide Mike.